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Sloop Nassau

Our luxurious sloop Nassau gives you a unique way of experiencing the water. Nassau has all the features you need on board: Enough room to sit comfortably, a fully-fledged toilet and, in case of rain, the possibility to (partially or fully) cover the boat. The Nassau is very suitable for corporate events, weddings, birthdays or a gathering of friends and family. The first two hours cost €175,- per hour, subsequent hours are €150,- each.

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Saloon boat Roos

Our luxurious saloon steamer dates back to 1904 and can be used with the roof nearly fully open or closed. If the weather permits, we lower our windows and open the roof hatches, allowing you to enjoy your cruise in the sun. “Roos” is also equipped with a bar, central heating, a fully-fledged toilet and can be arranged to allow for 25 dinner guests or, flexible as she is, 50 standing guests. The first two hours cost €275,- per hour, subsequent hours are €250,- each.

Enjoy Amsterdam to its fullest and rent your boat from Rederij Nassau. Our experienced captains show you the most beautiful canals of the city.

Our stylish and luxury boats are 100% electric and emission-free.

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Having drinks on the water with friends or family? We offer a fully stocked on-board bar with a broad selection of (non) alcoholic beverages. We’d be happy to discuss any special requests.

To go with your drinks

Rederij Nassau offers diverse food to go with your drinks or “borrel”. Have a look at our selection, ranging from traditional Dutch “bitterballen” to Spanish tapas.


Dining aboard one of our boats while cruising the canals? Enjoy our broad range of possibilities for sit-down dinners, barbecues of buffets.


Sun, water, beach, nature, friends, fine house tunes and a casual atmosphere.
Cruise and Dance is that one other festival, with that different experience.

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Cruise and Dance takes place on the water in Amsterdam.
At the beginning of the afternoon, one of our boats will take you to the festival in parade form, after which the party will be released.
Dance from your own boat while surrounded by dozens of other boats.
Rent your boat on time!

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Bedankt voor de prachtige rondvaart en goede zorgen tijdens het light festival. Bas gaf een uitstekende rondleiding. Ik...

Posted by Babs de Wit on Thursday, December 10, 2015

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Rederij Nassau’s services


Our years of experience in canal cruises and events help us provide you with the perfect arrangement for your event, wedding or ‘borrel’.

Clear proposals and agreements

Rederij Nassau has no hidden costs, waiting fees or other unwanted expenses. We take the time to tailor our tours to your needs and like to make clear agreements. This is something we do together with you.

Quick proposals

We respond to your inquiry within four hours and, if you wish, will send you a detailed proposal without obligation. We’re available by phone daily from 10am to 10pm.

Attractive rates

Our rates are the most competitive in the city. All prices are exclusive of € 0,66 recreational tax per person.

Covered cruises

All of our boats can be covered fully in case of rain. The saloon boat even features central heating for winter events.


All of our boats are equipped with a proper bathroom.